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MRL Elevators

MRL Elevators is lighter and more efficient than the conventional traction motor available. It is capable of providing very high peak efficiency and speed of 1mps. MRL elevators are installed at the building where client want to avoid machine room height exceeding the by-laws structure height of the building or the client is interested in terrace opening. This technology is used in passenger, hospital, capsule elevators. These products are developed with the help of the best available technology and effective materials. Available in 4-20 passengers.

  Benefits of the MRL Elevator over Hydraulic Elevators -

Using MRL elevator saves a significant amount of energy (estimated at 70-80%) as compared to hydraulic elevators. The power feeders for the MRL are also significantly reduced due to the more efficient design and the counter-balancing provided with traction equipment.

The MRL elevators reduce the cost and environmental concerns associated with a buried hydraulic cylinder filled with hydraulic oil. MRL elevator being a traction elevator with all its components above ground, this is not a concern for this equipment.

  Advantages at a Glance -

Gearless permanent magnet machine.
Low top overrun.
1 m/s to 1.6m/s speed range.
10 to 16 passenger load range (680 - 1088kg).
Smooth ride (first class roller shoe suspension)
Cabin finishes to choice.
Versatile landing and car door configurations.
Fast installation methods and times
No machine room, No ventilation problems, No vision windows etc
1:1 roping system A solid feel in the cabin
Earthquake friendly with jigged guiding
Shallow pits etc
Small control cabinet on upper level
180 starts per hour
Time and Money-Saving Benefits-Long life cycle, Low running cost, Easy installation and service Cost-efficient elevator application
Totally integrated system for greater reliability