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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

  General Terms & Conditions for Maintenance Agreement -

A: We start by thoroughly assessing your equipment, business and user’s needs. That’s how we can customize a maintenance service that fits your needs. Our expert service staff shall keep your equipment working at its best.

B: We provide a sticker/Notice inside your Existing Lift, which contain the Contact numbers of our Service Personnel Leader. Whenever your call reaches the number, we forward this call through our Closed-user-group (CUG) connection, and this will make available the nearest person to take care of your job/problems. If by any chance the nearby person is busy with other calls, the next-available person will attend you within the best possible time frame.

C: Lubricants will be checked at a regular basis, and adjustment of the elevator will be done including repairing of the items as per requirements [repair excludes Machine, Controller Main board, Wiring or Dressing (new/replacement), Rope change & oiling, Gate & Cage Repairing, Painting, Washing & Cleaning]

D: Periodical examination of all safety devices will be done as per our Company Schedule.

E: Routine servicing and inspection will be done once in a month; Breakdown Call during normal working hours (10 am to 5 pm) in all working days except on Sunday and Holidays.

  Preventive Maintenance Contract - (Non Comprehensive) -

The term "Preventive Maintenance" herein mentioned in this contract means that the Maintenance Staff shall carry our normal servicing only. Such servicing shall not include replacements of any parts, repairs etc. The Maintenance Staff shall provide free of charge, lubricating materials only during the contract period. Any charges costs incurred by the Maintenance Staff for the purpose of keeping the equipment in order shall be borne by the Customer. In the event of any repairs, the Maintenance Supervisor shall assess the volume of work involved and shall submit a quotation for the same. The Maintenance Staff shall carry out necessary rectification or replacement work after acceptance of the said quotation by the Customer.

  Semi Comprehensive -

We are not providing any semi comprehensive maintenance – its Creates Misunderstanding between maintenance group and customer. This maintenance system create slowdown our service quality.

  Comprehensive Contract -

The Following Items are covered under Comprehensive Contract during the contract period, we shall replace or repair free of charge spare parts and materials for the following as a result of normal wear and tear at out discretion. Machine Controller Parts & Others Brake, Magnet, Coils, Brake Liners, Motor Bearing, Cables, Guide Shoes, Floor Selector Parts, Door Locks, Door Bearing indication, Retiring Cam, Coil, Rectifier, Floor Sensor, Coil, Main Relays, Carbon & Copper contacts, Face Failure, Overload Relay, Timer Relay, etc., The parts which are replaced shall become our property. The following items are not covered under comprehensive contract. Replacement of motors, controllers, machine, pulley, rope. Decorative work, builder's work, Civil work. Replacement of hoistway doors, gates, sills safety edges, car and hoistway enclosure, door frames, vision glass, fan light car flooring, painting, landing, channel, car channel, push buttons with plate, door closer, electric main or any other items which does not constitute to be standard elevator component.