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Dorado System - Complete Elevator Solutions

Repair And Upgrades / Modernisation of Old Elevator

  Repairs and Upgrades -

We have a wide range of repair and upgrade packages which are easy, quick and simple to incorporate and to keep your lift in perfect form. Whether you need repairing or an upgrade, it will be guided and advised by our maintenance engineer. Our upgrades come with affordable packages and in varieties for elevators. We design in a manner that you get an enhanced safety and security boost, greater performance and reliability. We also meet the needs of the physically challenged and improve the aesthetics requirement needed by them to feel good.

  How our Repair Service Work -

1) Whatever the requirement you have, get in touch with us and we will be available to your site within 2 hours of city locations.

2) We have module based replacement options that will take less time to repair and start the lift.

3) Our Trained Engineers and Technicians are always available to attend the emergency breakdown and working out the preventive maintenance.

4) Safety and quality are the core focus of our repairing service. As per type of policy, the products that we repair include and exclude will vary.

  Types of Upgrade Available With Us -

A) Door / Gate replacement -
1. Collapsible gates into Imperforated gate
2. Collapsible gates into Swing Door
3. Conversion of Manual Doors into Automatic Doors.

B) Replacement of Control panel -
1. Converting Single Call into Down Collective
2. Converting Single Call into Selective Collective.
3. Converting Single Call into Double Button full Collective.

C) Push Box Units replacement -
1. Into Digital 7 Segment
2. Into LCD display with feather touch buttons.
3. Into Scrolling Display – Bi colour

D). Incorporation of Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive (VVVF) -
1. To achieve perfect levelling and jerk free start & stop.
2. To achieve saves electricity up to 40%.
3. To achieve Life increase of all mechanical parts
4. To achieve Life increase of Main gear and motor unit

E) Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) Addition -
1. This device will bring the elevator to the nearest landing in case of power failure. In case of power off, it will open the Auto doorafter reaching at floor.

F) Replacement of Cabin Assy. -
1. Wooden cabin into Mild Steel
2. Mild Steel into Stainless Steel cabin.
3. Mild Steel into Decorative panel

G) Replacement of Machinery Unit assembly.

H) Replacement of Gate locks with movable contact.

I) Other Value addition such as Floor annunciator, Inverter for Emergency Light and Alarm, Overload warning device, Full height Light curtain, VVVF drive for Door operator, Surface mounted Push button stations etc.,

  Attributes of our Repair and Upgrade services -

1) Reliability: We maintain the authenticity of our services. You can replace older systems with new technologies to improve performance.

2) Performance: Get the performance of your equipment better and smoother with upgraded gentle entry/exit operation.

3) Safety: Update or repair your system to secure your customer’s journey with new safety features. Energy savings: old systems and equipment tend to take more energy to function, in order to lower the cost of energy, we upgrade with new system.

4) Security: Upgrading security of your system can help control unapproved use of elevators or restrict entry to selected floors. Appearance: Looks always matter and so you obviously need to upgrade the look of your equipment with time and as new technology arrives. Cabin upgrades can improve process, reliability, and accessibility as well.